Even If PUBG Mobile Returns to India, Indian Gamers Still Need a VPN to Use for Playing with High Connection Speed and Cybersecurity

how to still use pubg mobile in india after its ban

According to the latest report by TechCrunch, the banned application by the Indian government in July, PUBG Mobile has been returned to the app store in India. The PUBG Moblie was banned due to the consideration of gamers’ data security because PUBG Mobile was published by a Chinese company, Tencent Gaming.

Based on an announcement from the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, more than 200 Chinese apps are constantly banned in India in view of the emergent nature of threats. Among the bunch of apps, PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular apps in India. According to App Annie, an agency that monitors the use of mobile apps, PUBG has over 50 million users in India of which close to 35 million are active users.

However, even if PUBG Mobile returns to India, does it mean online gamers don’t need a VPN while playing online games? Definitely not.

A VPN is a Must-Have Tool for Online Gamers.

Online gamers, especially professionals, call for excellent results and high rankings on the gaming billboard. To achieve that, a high connection speed is a premise because the high connection speed leads to instant refreshing, without any delay. Online gaming calls for such a high resolution that an ordinary network speed fails to support. A relatively low speed possibly causes buffering and serious delay.

Apart from connection speed, online security is also another key reason to use a VPN while playing online games. With so many devices connected at the same time, data transmission runs between devices within a short time. The reason why all devices are able to “talk” with each other lies in their IP addresses. An IP address tells so much personal information, like country, area, device type, browsing habits, etc.

A VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel through which all communications are able to be transmitted without any third party’s knowledge. There’s no need to share bandwidth with so many users at the same time while a VIP tunnel is provided with a high connection speed.

PUBG isn’t the First Popular Chinese App Banned by India

This is not the first time that India bans a bunch of Chinese Apps. As early as June 29, 59 Chinese apps are banned by the Indian government, including TikTok, WeChat, UC browser, etc. Then, 89 apps are required to be removed from Indian army personnel’s smartphones on July 9. Next, 47 apps are banned in India since they are believed to be copycats of the earlier banned 59 apps. Now here comes this ban with PUBG.

The image below indicates the timeline of the Chinese app ban in India.

A Timeline of Chinese App Ban in India

Apart from PUBG, What Other Apps are on the List of Banned Apps?

This bunch of banned Chinese apps covers nearly all aspects of people’s life and career. For photographing apps, there’s FaceU, Pitu, HD Camera, etc. For music playing apps, there’s Music, Music Player, etc. For online games, there’s PUBG, Road of Kings, etc.

Here’s a full list of 118 banned Chinese apps:

The list of 118 apps banned by india (3)
The list of 118 apps banned by india (3)

Who Would Suffer from PUBG Mobile Ban in India?

Since there’s close dependence between app users and the app, the absence of an app will definitely hurt them.

PUBG Gamers Just for Fun and Relaxation

It can be noticed that only PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik are on the list of banned apps this time. It means that PUBG can’t be played on smartphones or tablets while it can be still played on PCs or consoles. However, apart from PUBG pros, most PUBG players are ordinary people who play it just for fun and relaxation.

Compared with PUBG for PCs, PUBG Mobile is such a free app that everyone can play it for nothing. In addition, friends can instantly create a team to have battles with other teams. Plus, they are allowed to instantly talk with others through an in-game microphone. As a result, PUBG Mobile plays more a role as a social media platform.

PUBG Pro Gamers with Game Playing being a Job

For online game pros, playing games is their job on which they live. Moreover, PUBG is the top popular game app in India, which means that most of their income derives from PUBG. Once PUBG gets banned, professional gamers will suffer from economic loss.

please give me a work

Just like a twitter from @Akshar, most PUBG gamers all demand for a job after the PUBG ban.

How Can You Still Play PUBG Mobile in India after Its Ban?

Absolutely you can.

You Can Play PUBG on PCs

Just like what is mentioned in the previous part of this article, only PUBG Mobile is banned this time while PUBG is still available on PCs. Therefore, it can be still played unless you pay for it and get all devices prepared compatible with PUBG requirements. For professional gamers, it’s not difficult since most of them have corresponding hardware and devices.

When it comes to PUBG gamers for pure fun, however, it seems unnecessary and I believe most won’t do as pros do. So, there’s an optimal solution for them. No need to pay, but still can play.

Use a VPN

A VPN is capable of bypassing geological restrictions and hiding IP addresses so that users’ online data can go through an end-to-end encrypted tunnel. With your smartphone connected with a VPN server away from India, the Indian ban for PUBG won’t work on your smartphone anymore. As a result, the PUBG Mobile can be still used and played.

SkyVPN provides users with a PUBG specialized server that provides users with lightning speed and unlimited bandwidth.

skyvpn servers

SkyVPN is a real Free VPN because users are allowed to earn online traffic by completing tasks on the app, including daily check-in, watching videos, inviting friends to use, etc. The earned traffic can be used as a Premium plan.


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