What Makes the Best VPN for School Students?

best vpn for school wifi

Why VPN is a Must-Have App for School WiFi?

Reason#1: School WiFi sets restrictions for students’ access to Internet content.

There’s no doubt that the Internet is quite a necessity for students at school.

However, College with a working WiFi also uses a firewall for protected and restricted access to the Internet for all students. There are only a few selected websites and apps you can access under the WiFi connection at school. The biggest reason for such restrictions is for the prevention of indulgence in illegal or immoral activities students possibly carry on. But it is a little frustrating when you really need it.

Due to school WiFi restrictions, students fail to visit social media applications or websites, play online games, torrent, and it’s impossible for them to stream videos on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and YouTube. Another reason for school WiFi restrictions lies in the considerations along with bandwidth use – if everyone’s downloading or streaming video then the network will get “jammed” fairly quickly. It’s not difficult to imagine the damaging consequence of network paralyzes.

Reason#2: Social media is an essential reason why VPN must be used on campus.

No one can deny that students can’t live without social media.

Social media is not only a useful tool for instant messaging but also a platform for students to share their daily life and communicate with their friends. Social media ban on the campus makes their life so boring and inconvenient that a VPN is undoubtedly a necessary tool to make their social media life back to normal.

Students need a VPN to unblock the school WiFi restrictions for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

Reason#3: Online gaming, streaming, and torrents also lead a VPN to be necessary for school students.

Apart from social media necessity, students also need to flourish their school life through online gaming or streaming. Some students also need to first access the latest game release if they are professional gamers. A VPN allows them to change their geological position to have the first access to download the latest games. Well, this feature of a VPN isn’t just limited within the school while it fits all gaming pros.

College students can find PDF versions of their textbooks via torrents. But it’s possible for them to do that at school due to school WiFi restrictions based on the consideration of network speed and bandwidth. However, a VPN provides an encrypted tunnel where data can be freely transmitted to and fro and torrenting is able to be easily implemented.

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What do Students Use VPN for?

Students use VPN at school mainly for three causes: bypass WiFi restrictions, unblock websites and applications and maintain online security.

To Bypass School WiFi Restrictions

Needless to say, restrictions are established on campus WiFi to stop students using social media, streaming videos, playing online games, and torrenting. However, a VPN can beat all the restrictions stopping students from having normal access to all online content.

With school WiFi restrictions perfectly bypassed with a VPN, you won’t be stopped from using your social media apps, streaming your favorite videos, playing your favorite online games and visiting your favorite websites.

bypass wifi restrictions

To Unblock Websites and Applications

A VPN is able to hide your IP address so that all your activities won’t be tracked or monitored by the school IT administrator or ISP (Internet Service Provider) both of whom are able to know what websites you visit and what online content you’re interested in based on your IP address.

With a VPN used, your IP address will be well hidden from IT administrators and ISPs. You can connect with any VPN server on the list so that only the “fake” IP address is known. Under such a disguise, you are able to browse the Internet privately and safely.

To Keep High Online Security

Although your school WiFi can’t be used unless a password is used, it doesn’t mean it’s really secure. In most cases, it’s not a difficult job to decrypt your password for hackers or any malicious intruder since you possibly let them know by allowing your position to be known or your camera to be accessed to some apps or websites. In serious cases, your term papers may be stolen, or your laptop may be blocked or blacked. Not limited to school, any public WiFi is the same insecure no matter you’re in a shopping mall, garden, café or restaurant.

As soon as a VPN is used, your communication with the Internet will be encrypted so that any damage will be done by intruders who fail to decrypt the codes going through a VPN.

What Makes the Best VPN to Unblock Websites and Applications at School?

Now that there are so many VPN services claiming to be able to bypass school WiFi restrictions on the market, you should know how to select the best VPN for school for top performance. Here are some principles to refer to when selecting a VPN for school use.

First, the VPN must really work – be able to bypass school WiFi restrictions.

The essential reason why a VPN is used lies in its functionality. Therefore, a VPN that is able to bypass school WiFi restrictions should really work. How to judge whether a VPN really works is to see whether it is able to allow you to visit restricted online content. It’s quite easy to test the functionality of a VPN when a comparison is made before and after using a VPN. Whenever the restricted content is accessible with a VPN used, it indicates the VPN really works.

The reason why a VPN is used lies in its functionality. Therefore, a VPN should work.

Second, the VPN should run fast – be able to unblock restricted websites and apps with a high speed.

A VPN is not created to slow down your network speed. However, it means improving the network speed on all devices due to its private encrypted tunnel.

The best VPN to bypass school WiFi restrictions should feature unlimited bandwidth and data so that it is able to run at a high speed, which is especially important for streaming videos and online gaming. The best VPN for school should never arouse any buffering as you stream on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

Third, the VPN should be cost-effective – not necessarily free but should be affordable for students.

The best VPN for schools should be affordable for students. Too high a price is difficult for students to accept. Therefore, a VPN best for students should feature a definitely low price.

However, a low price does not equal to low performance. High quality is the precondition of low prices. It doesn’t matter whether a VPN is free or not. As long as students can afford for its high performance, it’ll be worthwhile.

SkyVPN can be used for free when users are allowed to earn free traffic by completing multiple tasks. Nothing will be cost except some time to be killed. Nevertheless, the price is still low when it comes to its Premium service.

Fourth, the VPN should be secure – be able to protect students’ online security and privacy.

Students always take their online security and privacy for granted.

However, do you know students are a group that tend to be most easily hacked?

Students are usually unaware of online threats because they, or most people usually believe only celebrities or rich people are the target of hackers. But they are wrong. Your privacy as an ordinary person is equivalently valued a lot for them.

Additionally, students often have good credit records and don’t prioritize financial situations. Moreover, students usually use the same password for everything. Once one account gets hacked, the other will be immediately at risk, just like dominoes.

Therefore, when a VPN is used by school students to bypass WiFi restrictions, their online security and privacy should be well protected so that they are able to securely browse and visit online content.

How to Use a VPN at School to Unblock Restrictions and Protect Online Security and Privacy?

Step#1. Select a suitable VPN.

Step#2. Download and install the VPN on your device.

Step#3. Register an account on the VPN app.

Step#4. Purchase a plan or service.

Step#5. Select a VPN server and connect with it.

VPN locations

Why SkyVPN is Labeled as the Best VPN for School?

Among all SkyVPN users, students account for a large part due to the following features it has.

SkyVPN has both Free & Premium Services.

SkyVPN is labeled as the securest VPN for free.

The free service SkyVPN provides is lifetime free because users are able to get online data for free forever. Free data can be obtained through daily check-in, video watching, playing small games, and inviting friends to download.

Can’t stand ads? SkyVPN premium service can be selected at a low price.

SkyVPN Provides Lightning Connection Speed.

SkyVPN sets unlimited bandwidth and data for users so that they are able to enjoy the lightning connection and running speed. Users will be able to easily stay away from being throttled by school IT administrators and ISP.

SkyVPN Provides the Highest Online Security.

Conforming to OpenVPN encryption, SkyVPN doesn’t use its protocols, which is different from other VPN providers. Because OpenVPN protocols are so much used that they are easy to be recognized.

Moreover, a strict no-log policy is followed and some advanced features are available on SkyVPN Windows, including Kill Switch, Split Tunnel, and DNS Leak Test. All the features allow users to customize their browsing mode for convenience and security.


SkyVPN unblocks all WiFi restrictions on the Internet.

SkyVPN is able to bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) so that it allows users to unblock all the WiFi restrictions on the Internet provided by the school. Students can freely use social media, stream online, and play online games even with school WiFi.

SkyVPN can be used on Multiple Devices.

SkyVPN can be used on multiple devices with operating systems covering Android, iOS, mac and Windows.

One SkyVPN premium account can protect you up to 5 devices. As a result, all your devices can be well protected by SkyVPN and SkyVPN can be shared with your friends or family.

Last Reminder: Not only school WiFi, but students also need a VPN whenever they are using public WiFi.



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