What Makes a Secure VPN and Why SkyVPN Can be Trusted in 2021


VPN, as a tool to protect your online safety and privacy, plays such an important role in the Internet world that defends you against any online risk or even hackers. The VPN industry is booming with so many VPN service providers emerging every day. Nevertheless, there exist dishonest players and malicious competitions like user privacy disclosure for-profits, fake VPN connection, etc.

So, it is of great necessity to keep an eye on the working principle of the VPN service you will use or are using so that you can guarantee it’s 100% secure and reliable to protect your online security and privacy.

Tell you the truth, SkyVPN can be totally reliable to use.

What Factors Lead to a Secure VPN in 2021?

What does a VPN Do?

First, let’s recall what’s happening when we use the Internet.

If you want to search for something (VPN for example) on Google, you should open Chrome, fill a keyword “VPN” into the searching box, and click the “search” button to start your query. It seems a simple action to click the button while a conversation does take place between your computer and the Internet.

First, the information of “VPN” that is your query target is sent from your computer to a server where it’s translated into a numeric language that is used by the Internet. As the Internet receives the “direction”, it’ll react to it using numeric language to send to the server where it is translated into your language so that you’ll see the search results in Google.

During the whole process, everything you want to find out from the Internet should go through the server owned by your Internet Service Provider, or ISP. That means all your communications with the internet is within the reach of your ISP and your ISP can track all your online activities easily.

Imagine a situation when you sit in front of the screen to get online, you’re always snooped as you fill in your bank account password or personal information on your computer. How horrible!


A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is used to get you away from the snooping eyes. The essential reason why you or your device is known by the Internet lies in the IP address that identifies you. When you use a VPN as you use the Internet, your IP address will be hidden so that the “real” you have been masked by a “fake” IP address, which means you can successfully bypass the snooping eyes.

What Makes a VPN Secure?

So many VPNs are available on the market, but it isn’t an easy job to select a truly secure one. To tell a truly secure VPN, you should refer to the following aspects:

  • Really Hide IP Address, Complete Anonymity
  • Really Bypass Restrictions
  • No DNS or IP Leak
  • No Logging
  • Kill Switch

What Is SkyVPN?

SkyVPN, a VPN service provider located in Sunnyvale, CA, serves over 20 million users across the globe and dedicates to help you access blocked websites, shield your Internet security, and keep you anonymous when surfing the Internet, chatting with your friends, shopping online and so much more.

Based on an unbiased review by TechRadar, SkyVPN is viewed as “Budget-Friendly and Super Fast”.

At the time of writing, the provider’s Android app has a rating of 4.3 stars (out of 5), as rated by 177,429 users (out of more than 10 million who downloaded SkyVPN apk).

Its iOS app has 4.7 stars and has been rated by 28.6K users. The latest update included upgrades to connection stability and speed and added servers.

Why SkyVPN is Secure to Use in 2021?

As the best Free VPN, SkyVPN is undoubtedly trusted in 2021 due to the following qualities that make us stand out among other VPN companies:

√ Multiple Servers Distributed Around the World

√ Unlimited Access to Any Website or App

√ Lightening VPN Connection

√ End-to-End Encryption

√ Kill Switch Feature

√ Split Tunnel

√ DNS Leak Test Feature

√ No Logging Policy

Security Guaranteed

SkyVPN protects all your online activities from prying eyes. We enhance your Internet security by creating an additional virtual firewall as you surf the internet either at home, school, work, or in public. SkyVPN connects you to an encrypted private network that protects you from snoopers and surveillance. In addition, advanced features can be expected like DNS leak test, kill switch, and split tunnel to further improve your online security by customization.


Privacy Guaranteed

SkyVPN keeps you stay anonymous and maintain your privacy when surfing the Internet by hiding your real IP address and location. It is not required to register your account before you connect SkyVPN. In addition, there is no connection logs or activity logs. Do you know some VPN providers claim to offer complete anonymity while actually tracking what you do online? SkyVPN cares so much about your privacy that will never do things like that.

Unblock All Websites and Apps

With just one click on SkyVPN, you are able to bypass local restrictions to reach services exclusively provided to certain areas such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Omegle etc. SkyVPN offers your freedom to access any websites, apps, and media content no matter where you are. With SkyVPN, you can bypass any firewalls and retrieve your favorite content at a blazing fast speed.

unblock youtube restrictions

What’s More with SkyVPN in 2021?

Free of Charge

SkyVPN is a really free VPN but secure.

A common practice of many unscrupulous VPN companies is to advertise fake-free charges to attract customers to their own services. SkyVPN, however, is a completely free-of-charge app. SkyVPN offers 500MB FREE data to try out its services. Except for that, you can earn extra premium traffic in several ways such as watching videos and inviting friends. In addition, the SkyVPN premium traffic you’ve earned will stay in your SkyVPN wallet unless it is spent on browsing.

Ultra-fast and Stable Speed

3000+ VPN services are powered by the patented smart routing technology of SkyVPN. We offer you unlimited bandwidth, worldwide locations, and no throttling which will boost your Internet connection. We also offer different server locations for you to choose, thus make sure that your browsing speed is fast and stable.


Usable on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

SkyVPN has open sources on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. It is compatible with different operating systems and devices. What’s more, you can use the SkyVPN app on multiple devices simultaneously. You can watch Netflix movies on your PC while sending comments on Twitter on your phone. There’s no need to register another SkyVPN account for different devices. SkyVPN is dramatically increasing your working arena and making your life easier.

Easy to Setup and Configuration

It is really easy to set up and use SkyVPN app. Just download it from App Store, Google play or official SkyVPN download page. Then install it on your device. The configuration is also simple to understand. It can be easily set up and configured on Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows.

Dedicated Support

As a VPN provider, we care deeply about technical support and customer service. SkyVPN has a professional R&D team committed to making SkyVPN a better VPN server. In addition, we have official Twitter account, Instagram account, and official blog to offer you tutorials and give you feedback on your issues. What’s more, on the main interface of SkyVPN app, we also have the “Support” choice where you can tell us the issues all the time.



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