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Do I need an Android VPN?

All networks aren't well protected, which is especially true when it comes to public WiFi. Without VPN, your Android device might get easily attacked by anyone within the same network domain with you. After all, hackers are everywhere but invisible.

Not all online content is equivalently shared by the whole world. Geological restrictions are usually set on Internet access in some countries. If you don’t want to miss the latest TV series, shows, popular games or social media update of your friends' life, a VPN is definitely a must.

Do you know your Internet speed is limited by your ISP (Internet service provider) even though you' ve paid for a lightning speed plan? ISPs throttle, or "deliberately" slow down your traffic based on different conditions and you may suffer from video streaming with buffering, large file download failure, slow page loading and others from time to time. A VPN can encrypt your traffic and prevent you from being identified for throttling. In this way, you can enjoy a faster Internet speed that you've paid.

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Do I need an Android VPN?
Absolutely yes!
It's a must to install a VPN on your Android device.👍

What is an Android VPN Used for
Your Android Device?

Provide You Tight Cybersecurity for Full Guard

Provide You Tight Cybersecurity for Full Guard

SkyVPN provides an end-to-end encrypted tunnel so that online data
transmission can be implemented "underground", giving NO chance to hackers
to eavesdrop.

Mask Your Geological Location

Mask Your Geological Location

Once connected to any of VPN servers around the world, a virtual IP address will
be assigned to you while your real IP address stays safe. That means, you can
enjoy videos, shows, and games that are only available in certain countries or
districts, and even buy stuff with lower prices by simply switching the server

Help You Enjoy Free Internet Access

Help You Enjoy Free Internet Access

SkyVPN can unblock all geological restrictions and bypass censorship so that
you can visit all online content no matter where you are.

What Makes SkyVPN a Good Android VPN?

Unlimited VPN access with lightning speed

3000+ VPN services powered by our patented smart routing technolgoy. Unlimited bandwidth and multiple servers spread across the globe. SkyVPN ensures your a seamless VPN experience. No throttling, No resctrictions.

Stay connected with friends & family on restricted

Certain workplaces, even entire countries, might block your access to social media apps, specific websites, and video calling/instant messaging apps. Just click 'Connect' and SkyVPN will unblock everything for you.

Protect your sensitive information and privacy online

Even with a password-secured network, hackers and ISPs are constantly eavesdropping on your internet activities. SkyVPN guards your online activities and secures your information privacy.

One-click connect. Easy to use

Undoubtedly, SkyVPN is one of the easiest VPN apps out there. With just one minute, you can set it up on your Android device. SkyVPN works seamlessly on all versions of Android devices and unblocks geological restrictions with just one tap.

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Customizable VPN Services for Android

Connect up to 5 Devices

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android: seamlessly connect them all under ONE SkyVPN account.

Netflix-Friendly Servers

Unblock 400+ streaming services and works, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO.

Low-Ping Servers

Specialized Game and PUBG, Roblox VPN servers for optimal gaming experience.

Strict No-log Policy

Your online privacy is always safe with us. All your online activities won’t be logged on any server.

Keep a balance of your online security and local life. Customize your web life based on your specialized needs. Access your local printer while surfing the Internet securely.

A kill switch is used to directly halt your connection with the Internet if your VPN connection accidentally drops, minimizing your online risk.

Protect your private data from being monitored or hacked. Your data won’t be caught by third parties.

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Download a VPN for ALL Your Android Phones,
Tablets and Android TVs

SkyVPN works with most Android devices across all versions.

Compatible versions:

  • • Android 11
  • • Android 7
  • • Android
  • • Android 10
  • • Android 6
  • • Android
  • • Android 9
  • • Android 5
  • • Android
  • • Android 8
  • • Android Oreo

Compatible brands:

  • • LG
  • • Nokia
  • • And more…
  • • Motorola
  • • BlackBerry
  • • HTC
  • • Samsung
  • • Huawei
  • • Google Pixel
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How to Set Up
VPN for Android?


How to Set Up VPN for

Download SkyVPN App on your Android
Install it on your Android device.
Open and configure it on your Android
Connect it with one click and enjoy the
Internet without risks.

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