Join SkyVPN Discord Server to Get a Gift!

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The good news, you can connect with SkyVPN on Discord to get a gift!

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What Can You Get from SkyVPN Discord Server?

Instant Tech Support

Slow VPN? Failed to connect? Which geological VPN server should I use for optimal Internet performance?

Join the SkyVPN Discord server, your above issues can be dealt with easier and quicker. Directly talk with SkyVPN technicians on the Discord server and let them what exact issues you’re suffering from while using SkyVPN.

Paste the link: to join us NOW!

Free Premium Traffic

You’ll be notified at the first moment activities are released to earn free premium traffic on SkyVPN as you join our Discord server.

Yes, SkyVPN premium traffic can be used for free, which is one of the essential features of our product.

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Activity Reward

Activities will be released as soon as SkyVPN Discord server members reach 5000! Multiple rewards will be earned by members of the server alone. The top reward will be a 12-month Discord Nitro.

Paste the link: to join us NOW!

How to Join SkyVPN Discord Server?

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Step 1. Download and install Discord on your device, phone, or computer. Establish an account on it if you still don’t have one.

Step 2. Open Discord and click the “+” icon at the very bottom of the server list.

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Step 3. Paste the invite link and press Join:

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If the above steps don’t work, you can directly go to the Discord support page to find an answer.

For the latest information about SkyVPN, you can also follow SkyVPN on social media by clicking the buttons below.


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