How to Still Use ChatGPT in School

Do you ask ChatGPT funny questions today? Does it solve your problem, or at least lead you to smile somehow?

Since it came out on November 30, 2022, ChatGPT has gained massive popularity among its users around the world. The service was launched free to the public and users are allowed to ask any question to get an answer. Or even it is able to provide writings based on some topics and hints. It’s been a great helper for many people in all fields.

However, things didn’t go smoothly as expected.

ChatGPT Banned in Schools in the US

According to The Guardian, the ChatGPT tool will be and has partially been forbidden across all devices and networks in public schools over “concerns about negative impacts on learning”. That means students fail to use ChatGPT on campus sooner or later.

It’s surely not allowed to 100% use ChatGPT for essay writing but the provided results can be used as reference sources and lay directions for article writing because no creativity can be found. Nevertheless, creativity is the top element that leads any writing to stand out. Even if ChatGPT works when an article is needed, it just gives an ordinary article that is generated within the comfort zone, without any creativity. Writing without creativity is useless.

Just like the fact that social media is banned on campus in the US, it’s understandable to see ChatGPT get banned because administrators expect American students to keep high creativity and eliminate any possibility for them to cheat as they prepare for essays or tasks.

But it doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done to compensate for the loss.

You Can Still Use ChatGPT in Schools in the US, Actually.

Just like the fact that a VPN is used to bypass WiFi restrictions in American schools, that also works on ChatGPT. As soon as your network is connected to a VPN server, the network restriction won’t stop you from accessing any online resources and content. A VPN provides an encrypted tunnel through which all the communications between your devices and the Internet will be well protected from being monitored by other individuals or organizations. A VPN can be imagined as a water tube buried under the soil and it’s impossible to see the water that flows inside the tube because it’s not transparent. The data flowing back and forth between your devices and the network server (not via VPN) can be imagined to be inside a transparent tube.

A Step-by-Step Guide – SkyVPN Enables You to Still ChatGPT in Schools in the US.

To still use ChatGPT on campus in the US, SkyVPN helps with the following steps conformed to.

Step 1. Download SkyVPN to your device, Android or iOS, and install it.

Step 2. Create an account on SkyVPN and log in.

Step 3. Choose a VPN server and tap the “Connect” button.

With the server successfully connected, you’ll be able to use ChatGPT without any restrictions.

Why is SkyVPN the Best VPN for Students?

SkyVPN is regarded as the best VPN for students and 35% of SkyVPN users are on campus.

SkyVPN is truly totally FREE.

Unlike other fake VPNs that market themselves to be free services, SkyVPN can be used without any charge forever. To achieve that goal, users can earn sufficient premium data by watching ads or taking part in some activities. Yes, SkyVPN premium can be used for free, which is almost impossible on other VPN services.

On SkyVPN, you have numerous sources to earn premium traffic for free.

Daily Check-In: 25-75 MB per time

Ordinary Check-In helps users to earn 25 MB each time. When daily check-in is constantly made, more traffic to use builds up.

Feeling Lucky: 25 MB per time

The traffic you can obtain from Feeling Lucky is random – get up to 25 MB of traffic if you’re lucky!

Watch Videos: 25 MB per video

Yes, you can earn 25 MB just by watching a video, normally a short ad.

Invite Friends: 1 GB per friend

Whenever you successfully invite a friend to use SkyVPN, you can get 1 GB of traffic. That’s a huge number, right?

Special Offers: 500 MB per offer

You’ll always have multiple chances to earn special offers: enabling your location, filling in a questionnaire, downloading a sponsored App, etc.

If a user completes all the above items, it’s easy to get 2 GB in the SkyVPN wallet in no time at all. Then, the user can watch a movie with traffic.

SkyVPN is truly safe.

SkyVPN can be used without any concern about its security since it’s 100% secure and keeps no logs of users’ data. Military-graded protocols are used on SkyVPN, which, therefore, protects users’ data from being monitored or leaked.

Most American students are using SkyVPN.

It’s extremely difficult to find a student that is not using or hasn’t heard about SkyVPN at all. SkyVPN has won high popularity among students due to its low cost and high security. It does work on campus.

What Else Can SkyVPN Do?

Apart from unblocking ChatGPT on campus, SkyVPN also helps users:

  • Protect their online privacy against prying eyes
  • Save money by taking advantage of the price difference because of geolocations
  • Bypass local government online censorship
  • Enjoy your favorite online content like gaming, streaming, or TV series anytime and anywhere


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