How to Choose the Best VPN Server Location for Optimal Online Performance


A VPN is so easy to use that even new users are able to know the “secret” to it. However, there’s still a question experienced users are always confronted with, that is, how to choose the best VPN server location leading to optimal online performance.

If you are one of them, don’t worry then. We’ll provide a guide on how to choose the best VPN server location. If you are in a hurry, directly skip to the “summarized tips” for fast acquisition.

What is a VPN Server?

VPN servers are ordinary servers running based on VPN application and protocol allowing VPN service providers to have access to.

VPN servers can be physical, and they are only applied by VPN service providers when there are multiple physical proxies in different countries. However, most of the time, VPN service providers rent servers from third-party data centers. Naturally, the security of the third-party centers should be guaranteed so that users’ data won’t be logged.

The servers used by VPN service providers are generally ones for exclusive applications, which means they are physical servers and are used by nobody but VPN service providers.

Therefore, as VPN users connect their devices with VPN servers, their own IP address will be replaced by that of a VPN server.

VPN Location vs. VPN Server Location, How Different are They?

VPN location and VPN server location seem the same thing while they are different.

A VPN server location refers to the geological position where the VPN server is located such as a country.

A VPN location usually refers to the country or district where the VPN service is provided. Generally speaking, the optimal VPN location refers to the countries where VPN service providers don’t need to worry about the local laws that push them to give out users’ data, like Gibraltar, Moldova, Belize, or Switzerland.

unblock geo restriction

How does a VPN Server Work?

It’s quite simple to understand how a VPN server works.

Once VPN users connect their devices with VPN servers, their real IP addresses will be automatically replaced by those of VPN servers. As a result, all the traffic between users’ devices and VPN servers will be encrypted, stopping your online activities well protected against prying eyes, ISP, or hackers.

For example, if you’re staying in Germany, as you connect your device with a VPN server labeled as the UK, nothing but the UK IP address will be exposed to the websites you’ll visit.

Why do You Need to Choose the Best VPN Server Location in 2021?

Well, if you don’t choose the best VPN server location, you won’t receive the optimal online performance even if you’re using the best VPN. In addition, if your VPN connection always suffers issues, your VPN service won’t be worthwhile the money.

Even though some connection issues possibly derive from bad service, most cases lie in the fact that you aren’t using the best server location.

If you don’t choose the best VPN server location, your cybersecurity will possibly be at huge risk. For example, if you choose a VPN server location far from your geological position, the connection will possibly be halted so that your identity and IP address will be instantly exposed to the Internet and your online data will be breached.

Why is Choosing the Best VPN Server Location So Difficult for Some Users?

Most of the time, that is because VPN users know little about the online speed of the VPN they’re using. It’s possibly true that they don’t know some VPN servers are different from other servers. For example, do you know the VPN server you’ll connect to supports P2P while another doesn’t? Possibly not.

Another reason why you don’t know how to choose the best VPN server location perhaps lies in the fact your VPN covers such a super long list of VPN servers, like over 50 to 100, that makes you puzzled. It’s hardly the case all VPN servers are tested for their running speeds.


What to Consider if You Want to Choose the Best VPN Server Location in 2021?

To choose the best VPN server location, the following questions should be clarified first.

What is Your VPN Used for Most?

What is your VPN used for? Unblock geological restrictions? Streaming Netflix? Anonymous browsing? Online security?

Different using aims lead to different server selections.

For example, if you use a VPN to torrent, then P2P and high-speed running should be first considered. If you use a VPN to bypass government censorship for streaming, high speed is also an important consideration.

A VPN provider really centering on customers’ needs will clearly indicate their VPN servers so that users are able to know which VPN server best works for them. For example, SkyVPN provides VIP servers exclusively for streaming and gaming, the users with an entertainment demand through VPN will know what to connect immediately.

skyvpn server list 1

How Much Privacy Do You Need?

VPNs usually provides you enough privacy as long as high-level encryption and protocols are used. If you want more, however, VPN server locations with more reliable and secure protocols are suggested. There’s one tip that should be kept in mind that the VPN servers only supporting PPTP or L2TP/IPSec don’t conform to privacy issues.

Another tip should be remembered but it is hardly related to choosing VPN servers that if you expect high privacy as a VPN is used, a VPN service provider like SkyVPN should be selected with a strictly no-logging policy that stops your online data from being tracked or monitored.

How Important is Speed to You?

A low speed is quite annoying, which is especially true when you use a VPN to stream, gaming or torrenting. Therefore, before choosing a VPN server, the browsing speed requirement should be clarified. Do you need a 5 to 10Mbps or a 40 to 50Mbps speed? As a matter of fact, no one calls for a low speed even if you’re not streaming, gaming or torrenting with a VPN.

Keep in mind, VPNs are NOT created to slow down your network.

Nevertheless, the Internet is so complicated that numerous elements are concerned. It’s unreasonable to blame your low speed on the VPN server.

If speed matters to you, it’ll be an optimal idea to choose a VPN server location near to your place. If a faraway VPN server is used, data packages will take a long time to go across the client, server, and website. In addition, a VPN server without a bandwidth limit is also suggested for the consideration of speed.

What Kind of Geo-Blocked Content Do You Want to Access?

Which kind of geo-blocked content do you want to access, then which country’s VPN server should be selected. It’s a general principle but it seems not everyone knows that. For example, if you want to watch Hotstar as you stay outside India, then it’ll be reasonable to connect a VPN server located in India. If you want to stream the stream the online content about BBC, then it’s wise to connect your device with a UK VPN server.

Does the VPN Server Support P2P?

As you share files on the Internet, the optimal way is to connect your device with a VPN server with full speed. A VPN server supporting P2P is definitely the right answer.

However, P2P isn’t supported in all countries while it is surely illegal in some places. Therefore, make sure which VPN server really supports P2P and connect with it. If your VPN service provider doesn’t set a P2P VPN server, it’s also suggested to connect with a VPN server with low legality on P2P like Romania, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, or Mexico.

How Far are You from the VPN Server Location?

If you connect your device with a VPN server located at a far place from your current geological position, you’ll possibly suffer from a slow connection and low network speed. Because it takes your data packages longer time to be transmitted between your device, VPN servers and websites or online service servers.

To avoid a high delay from occurring, if internet speed matters to you, it’s best to connect your device with the nearest VPN server. For example, if you are in Italy and expect internet with 100Mbps, then you should connect with a Europe-based VPN server that will have better performance than a US VPN server.

Some Myths about VPN Servers in 2021

Myth#1. The more servers a VPN service provides, the better.

Many VPN review websites tend to emphasize VPN server count, believing a large number of VPN servers is a good mark for high quality.

However, it isn’t a truth.

Try to imagine, as you are confronted with a VPN server list containing 100 servers, does it mean you’ll use each of them? Definitely not. Based on the considerations we mentioned above when choosing the best VPN server location, not all VPN servers best suit you. The long list of VPN servers seems powerful but not practical. Recall your mostly used servers on the VPN you’re using, and figure them out, the number reaches 10 at most.

When it comes to your application purpose of a VPN, if your VPN is used just to break the geological restrictions, then a list of 100 VPN servers will be so much stressed out.

Moreover, it’s complicated to maintain such a huge server network, which should be taken into consideration as well. Issues may take place from time to time, leading you to suffer from a breakdown of VPNs or problematic connections.

Myth#2. When I connect with a VPN server, my ISP will know that and ban my VPN.

It may be the truth but won’t take place when a reliable VPN service provider is chosen.

As you get your device connected with a VPN server, it’s certain that your ISP mostly can know that you’re using a VPN if the protocol you depend on is quite common. However, even if they know that you’re using a VPN, nothing can be done by them since what they can track is just a virtual IP address based on which nothing can be seen.

Summarized Tips on How to Choose the Best VPN Server Location in 2021

Tip#1. If you need a VPN for torrenting, choose the VPN server supporting P2P.

Tip#2. If you need high cybersecurity, choose the VPN server compatible with high VPN protocols.

Tip#3. Make sure the VPN service provider you choose won’t log any of your data.

Tip#4. If you call for a high speed, then choose the VPN server with a short geological distance.

Tip#5. If you want to unblock restrictions in a certain country, choose the VPN server located in that country.

Tip#6. Choose a reliable VPN service provider that keeps no log of your online data, stops you from ISP tracking and bandwidth throttling.

Tip#7. NO best VPN server will be known unless you try it. The only practice speaks the truth.

How to Choose the Best VPN Server Location on SkyVPN in 2021

Based on real test on SkyVPN server locations in different countries, the following tables are summarized for you to refer to when selecting a VPN server for the optimal online experience.


skyvpn server 1


skyvpn server 2

Asia Pacific

skyvpn server 3

Africa, the Middle East and India

skyvpn server 4


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