[FAQ] How to Restore My Purchase of SkyVPN Premium on a New iOS Device?

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SkyVPN can be simultaneously used on multiple devices, up to 5, if a premium plan is purchased. Moreover, SkyVPN can be used on different devices with different operating systems, from iOS to Android, from smartphones to tablets and computers, from desktop to laptop, from Windows to macOS.

SkyVPN is compatible with all iOS systems, including iOS 14, and can be used in iPhones including iPhone 12.

If you upgrade your iPhone from an earlier one to a new one, you can still use your SkyVPN Premium service on your new device. Your purchase of SkyVPN Premium can be restored on a new iOS device.

Open SkyVPN App and click on the sidebar in the upper left corner. Tap on the “Restore Purchase” option on the sidebar menu. And your SkyVPN Premium will be restored to your current iOS device.

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Keep in mind that the same App Store account should be used as you previously purchased SkyVPN Premium service, or the restore purchase guide won’t work as it should.

Has this question occurred to you?

“I log in to my SkyVPN account based on my email address but I fail to restore my SkyVPN Premium purchase. How come?”

Your SkyVPN Premium service is only linked with your App Store account and it can only be retrieved through App Store. It has nothing to do with your SkyVPN account. With the SkyVPN account successfully logged in, you’ll be able to get back your earned traffic.

BTW, if SkyVPN doesn’t work for whatever reason, please send us the receipt (including your email and/or Apple ID) of your purchase and we will get you covered. Here’s the quickest solution to any issue as you use SkyVPN.

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