[FAQ] How Much Data is Available for Me?

skyvpn FAQs

SkyVPN is allowed to be used by everyone for free because everyone has the equivalent right to enjoy the Internet safely.

SkyVPN provides both free service and premium service both of which can be used for free. Yes, the SkyVPN Premium service can be used for free!

Basic Free Service of SkyVPN

When the basic service of SkyVPN is used, only 1 server and limited data are available.

Premium Free Service of SkyVPN

SkyVPN’s Premium service can be used for free. It features the following traits.

  • SkyVPN Free Premium service allows users to use most paid Premium servers.
  • SkyVPN Free Premium service allows users to get free data through many in-app tasks, including: Daily Check-in, Feeling Lucky, Inviting Friends, Watching Ads, and In-app Games.
  • All the data that has been earned within the SkyVPN app is well stored in users’ accounts and can be used at any time.

How Different are Premium Free Service and Premium Paid Service of SkyVPN?

Compared with Free Premium Service, SkyVPN’s Paid Premium service features two advantages:

Paid Premium Service Has No Ads.

As long as you subscribe to a paid premium plan of SkyVPN, you’ll have unlimited data to use, without any need to take time to earn data.

Paid Premium Service Has More Servers.

Compared with free premium service, the paid premium service has more servers, including servers for Gaming, PUBG, Streaming, etc.


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