[FAQ] How to cancel SkyVPN subscription on Google Play Store?

skyvpn FAQs

Payment won’t be charged by SkyVPN to iTunes Account or Google Play Store unless your payment is confirmed by you. SkyVPN can be used on both iOS and Android devices. You’re allowed to cancel your SkyVPN subscription at any time if you don’t need our service.

If the device you’re using SkyVPN on applies Android as its operating system, you’re allowed to cancel your subscription on Google Play Store.

Compared with subscription cancellation on iTunes account, it’s a little easier to subscribe to a service on Google Play Store. To cancel SkyVPN subscription on Google Play Store, you should conform to the following steps:

#1. Open Google Play Store

#2. Tap the main menu to enter your account.

#3. Select “Subscription” to enter all your subscriptions on all apps you’ve installed on this device.

#4. Select SkyVPN subscription and disable the “Cancel” to finish the subscription.

Once you get your SkyVPN subscription canceled on Google Play Store, you can’t use SkyVPN Premium again. Nevertheless, you’re still allowed to use SkyVPN for free. Multiple ways are prepared on the SkyVPN app to get free data to unblock restrictions, hide your IP addresses, or maintain higher cybersecurity.


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