For Online Security and Privacy, Enjoy Your Holiday with SkyVPN

how to enjoy a secure christmas holiday in 2020

Christmas 2020 is around the corner!

Have you made full preparations for your Christmas holiday? Have you purchased everything for your holiday? Will you spend your Christmas alone? Are you ready to zoom your holiday with your family and friends?

Although the year 2020 is definitely tough for everyone and it seems impossible to enjoy your holiday like you used to do, Christmas should be still a big event calling for your focus and love.

Your Online Security and Privacy Possibly Suffers from Great Danger during Christmas 2020

Whenever there’s a big event, hackers become quite active. The particularity of 2020 makes them more active.

Recently, COVID-19 vaccine document got hacked against European Medicines Agency. What’s worse, the top cybersecurity company whose service is to protect their clients’ cybersecurity was even hacked, which is unbelievable.

Now that cybersecurity hardly protects itself against hackers, do you think how far you are from hidden hackers? After all, it’s a myth that cybercriminals only attack big businesses. However, small businesses and individuals are more targeted by them because they are easier to attack because of their low levels of cybersecurity and weak cybersecurity measures. The reason why big businesses’ hack news is more heard because more such news is reported.

What exactly do cybercriminals want from individuals or small businesses?

  • Personal Data
  • Link to Big Businesses
  • Computing Power
  • Money
What exactly do cyber criminals want from a small business_

Why SkyVPN Ensures You a Secure Christmas Holiday in 2020?

Safeguard Your Personal Information during Holiday

How will you spend your Christmas this year? Will you travel? If yes, SkyVPN protects your personal information when you connect to the Internet through public WiFi since most public WiFis, you know, are insecure.

While traveling, you may frequently connect to public WiFi networks. For example, you surely need to connect to the WiFi provided by the hotels where you live. Such networks are insecure to some extent and may leak out your personal information, like email addresses, account passwords or financial information, etc. A VPN app can rescue you from the troubles of online security like a breeze.

If you connect to a VPN app, the data generated online will travel securely in the “private tunnel” of the VPN and will be automatically encrypted with strong encryption protocols. It will never log your data or leak out your privacy. Aside from this, the VPN app is also well-versed in hiding your location, no matter your real IP address or physical location. As such, it drastically reduces the chances of exposing your sensitive information.

Due to the pandemic of this year, many people may spend Christmas through Zoom video, even with Santa, when personal information protection is more important than that at any time. SkyVPN protects all your online data against online risks.

cybersecurity tips to safely visit santa

Unblock Geological Restrictions

One of the most disappointing matters, while you travel abroad or stay outside the US, is that some sites or streaming services are inaccessible. It is because multiple services restrict their content to certain parts of the world. Therefore, when traveling, you may be unable to access them. In this scenario, don’t panic. You can just use a VPN app and connect to the server in your own country.

SkyVPN unblocks the geological restrictions no matter where you stay so that you’ll be able to stream the hottest TV series or shows and play the latest online games.

unblock geo restriction

Safely Shop Online

Likewise, shopping online is another disturbing thing when traveling. For instance, you live in the U.S. and now you are traveling abroad. If you would like to purchase something important for your home, you may want to order it on the U.S. Amazon site right now. However, you may discover that the site is inaccessible due to the geo-restrictions. At this point, what you require is merely a VPN app, in which you can easily connect to the U.S. server and then shop whatever you want.

Another big advantage of a VPN for your online shopping is to save money. As you get your devices connected with a server outside your country, the IP address seduces the network to believe you’re from a server location. It’s quite common that the prices for the same thing differently when they are sold in different countries. Normally, the prices in a developing country are much lower than those in a developed country.

There are unstable risks on the Internet that may do “bad” things to you while you shop online. For example, your money may be stolen and your personal information will be possibly lost. The encrypted tunnel provided by VPN ensures your online shopping to be safe and reliable.


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