How to Watch Vikings Season 6 for Free Online?

How to Stream vikings season 6

It’s quite relaxing to stream TV series in your couch at home. For super fans of history, Vikings is absolutely a can’t-miss TV series. Up to now, Vikings Season 6 episodes are constantly available to be watched online. Then how to watch them for free, here comes a guide with instructions for you.

What is Vikings About?

Vikings is a historical play published for History Channel. The TV series tells about Ragnar who succeeded in invading England and finally became the king of the Scandinavian kingdom with the support of family and brothers. Apart from Ragnar’s stories, his sons’ life were also covered in other seasons.

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In US: How to Stream Vikings Season 6 for Free Online in 2021?

History Channel

Since Vikings is produced by History Channel, it’s naturally released on History Channel. History is a live TV platform containing nearly all TV streaming service providers. Users are allowed to sign in a History account by linking their TV service account. No additional cost is required. Therefore, you can stream Vikings Season 6 on History Channel.

Vikings on history channel

Amazon Prime Video

Vikings season 6 is available on Amazon Prime Video. If you use Amazon Prime Video for the first time, you can try its service for free for 30 days. If your free-trial chance has been consumed, it’s also with a low cost to purchase on Amazon.

Vikings on amazon


Vikings season 6 episodes are available on Hulu. New subscribers are allowed to stream Vikings season 1 to 6 episodes for free. Up to now, all seasons and all episodes of Vikings are able to be watched on Hulu.

Vikings on hulu


Up to now, Vikings isn’t available on Netflix, no matter which season and episode. However, the sequel episodes Vikings: Valhalla is in development for Netflix.

Outside US: How to Watch Vikings Season 6 Online in 2021

If you’re a big fan of Vikings but you’re staying at somewhere outside the US, then it’ll be a tragedy since up to now Vikings are only available in the US. To enjoy your favorite TV series outside the US, a VPN is able to help.

A VPN can be used to block geological restrictions and bypass censorship, so its users are allowed to have any access to all the content on the Internet no matter where you are.

To watch Vikings online at a place outside the US, first, connect with a VPN server in the US. Then, you’ll be able to watch Vikings season 6 on the platforms introduced above.

Besides TV series, all the online content restrictions can be broken by a VPN including apps, websites, online gaming, etc.

Apart from Geo-Restrictions Blocking, What Else Can a VPN Do in 2021?

Apart from being used to break geo-restrictions, a VPN can be also used to do more.

Hide Your IP Address

Your IP addresses expose too much personal information about you, including the place you’re staying in, your home address, or even your name, your browsing history, what you’re planning to buy recently or even what type of shoes or cars do you like.

As you get your device connected with a VPN server, your real geological location will be masked by the VPN server location. As a result, the VPN server location will be believed to be your real geological location.

Keep Full Anonymity

As your IP addresses are well-hidden due to the function achievement of a VPN, you’ll be able to keep full anonymity on the Internet because your online activities won’t be tracked or grasped. No hackers will know who you really are.

Protect Online Security and Privacy

A VPN provides an end-to-end encrypted tunnel where all your data go through. As such, all the communications between your device and the Internet are hidden under the tunnel and no one else will see. Then, your data and your personal information will be protected on the Internet.


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