Why You Need VPN to Secure Wifi Privacy

Nowadays, more and more people are using smartphones with Wi-Fi to do the online shopping, conference call, information sharing and many other things related to personal privacy. However, people do not realize these behaviors are actually quite dangerous for their information security.

There are two different situations about Wi-Fi security, one is a personal Wi-Fi environment, i.e. home, and the other one is public Wi-Fi environment, i.e. airport and coffee shop.

In public Wi-Fi environment, all your data is easily exposed to the public without any security tools because everyone shared one Wi-Fi hotspot. Someone may say that they have installed a firewall on smartphones that can keep their information security, however, it is only used for preventing the virus or unwanted calls. Everything that your transmitting is being seen by someone else and all your data stream could be captured by any other users who connect to the same Wi-Fi hotspot. Moreover, the bad guys can utilize some applications, i.e. Firesheep and Wireshark, or hack into the hotspot that makes a high percentage to steal your data.

In a personal Wi-Fi environment, there also exist some information security issues. For instance, it is quite easy for the internet service providers to match the host’s unique IP address and track the location and other general information of the host. What’s more, the internet service provider can monitor all the processes when you are surfing the internet and the search engines company can record every keyword or sentence searched by you.

In conclusion, all the situations mentioned above are significantly dangerous for people unconsciously exposing their personal information to the public. Therefore, it is easy to see that Wi-Fi security should be aroused public concern. One of the best ways to keep the information security for smartphone users is to install VPN apps and it could be the shield of your smartphone to keep your data private and prevent it from being monitored by others.


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