SkyVPN Emerges as a Safer Alternative to Overcome the Vulnerability of the Tor Network

SkyVPN Emerges as a Safer Alternative to Overcome the Vulnerability of the Tor Network

At a time when the vulnerability of the Tor browser has taken the world by storm, distinguished VPN service providerSkyVPN continues to make great strides with their world-class service. Over twenty million users across the world rely on SkyVPN to access their favorite online content anonymously and securely.

SkyVPN Emerges as a Safer Alternative to Overcome the Vulnerability of the Tor Network

July 31, 2019 Sunnyvale, CA

Millions of internet users around the world were shocked when a recent report by BBC Russia revealed that a huge amount of sensitive data was stolen from the website of a major contractor working for Russian intelligence agency Federal Security Service (FSB). The report also mentioned that the documents included descriptions pertaining to many of the company’s internal projects, some of which were on researching the vulnerability of torrents and de-anonymization of the Tor browser users. 

The recent instance of data breach in Russia has undoubtedly raised serious questions about the reliability of the Tor browser. This browser utilizes random relays to route internet traffic across the world. This enables the users to conceal their internet usage and location from traffic analysis or network surveillance.   

A more popular solution amongst the internet users, a VPN service allows users to borrow IP address of a VPN server and encrypts the connection between the server and the computers of the users. As the VPN users utilize the IP address of a VPN server located in some other part of the world, they can hide their physical location and get around geographic restrictions related to access to content.

Although Tor and VPN are quite similar in terms of most of the functions, but VPN is relatively better because of the following features.

  • VPNs are generally faster than Tor
  • VPNs work with a wider range of devices compared to Tor, which is incompatible with iOS.  
  • VPNs are more reliable for watching videos or P2P file sharing.
  • All internet connections are protected by VPN, but Tor protects only the ones designed to use the Tor network.
  • VPNs are easier to set up.
  • VPNs services are free or extremely affordable.   

“A potential vulnerability of the Tor network lies in its exit node. This is the last node involved in handling user data before it reaches its final destination. On this node, the data is completely decrypted. Therefore, if the users don’t use a HTTPS connection, all the date will be completely exposed to the individual running the exit node,” said Steve Wei, the CEO of SkyVPN.

In the aftermath of the recent data breach in Russia, SkyVPN also informs that the company has been setup VPN servers in Russia and will continue to provide quality VPN services to Russian internet users. With a clientele of over twenty million all over the world, SkyVPN provides unlimited access to all online content while protecting the privacy of the users and their data. 

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About SkyVPN: A globally acclaimed VPN service provider located in Sunnyvale, CA, SkyVPN currently serves over twenty million users across the globe. Regardless of user location, their service provides unlimited access to all sites, apps and content while protecting data, intercepting cookies, hiding the IP of the users and allowing the users to browse anonymously.


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