SkyVPN amongst a Few Providers in Compliance with Apple’s New App Store Review Guidelines

Following the recent release of the updated App Store Review Guidelines by Apple, it was found that 85% of the free VPN apps in the App Store are non-compliant with the new rules. SkyVPN, a free VPN provider serving over twenty million users across the globe, is one of the few free VPN apps compliant with Apple’s new guidelines.

July 4, 2019 Sunnyvale, CA

SkyVPN is delighted to reveal that the company’s free VPN proxy service is in compliance with Apple’s updated App Store Review Guidelines. The release of the updated guidelines has already created quite a stir amongst the VPN service providers as most of them have failed to remain compliant with the changes. Located in Sunnyvale, CA, SkyVPN currently has more than twenty million satisfied customers across the globe.

In the first week of June, Apple updated its App Store Review Guidelines with the inclusion of more stringent rules with reference to the way the VPN apps function. To be more specific, this update means that the apps providing VPN services are no longer allowed to sell, use, or disclose any data to third parties. The new guidelines also state that free VPN apps failing to comply with these requirements will be removed from the App Store and expelled from the Apple Developer Program.

Surprisingly, almost 85% of the VPN apps available in the App Store at present are in violation of Apple’s new rules and may face removal in the near future. SkyVPN’s compliance with Apple’s new guidelines speaks volumes about the company’s extraordinary focus on the protection of customer data. SkyVPN uses a bank-grade encryption system to protect the IP address, location, and browsing activity of the users. The company’s popular free VPN download service is built around critical service parameters such as VPN speed, privacy, security, and anonymity. 

“Many of our customers must have heard that some of the most popular VPN apps may be removed soon from App Store. We are pleased to inform all of you that SkyVPN, however, is not going anywhere,” said Steve Wei, the CEO of SkyVPN. “We, at SkyVPN, have always been extremely serious about protecting your privacy. As a result, today we find ourselves amongst just a few companies in compliance with Apple’s new regulations. Therefore, stop worrying and keep enjoying your favorite VPN service.”

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A top-rated VPN service provider located in Sunnyvale, CA, SkyVPN currently serves over twenty million users across the globe. Regardless of user location, their service provides unlimited access to all sites, apps and content while protecting data, intercepting cookies, hiding the IP of the users and allowing the users to browse anonymously.


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