How to Live Stream NFL Miami Dolphins Games Online

online stream miami dolphins

Last season, the Dolphins’ defense was one of the best in the league. This season is now among the worst. How to review the replay of today’s Miami Dolphins game and follow the rest live streaming schedule online? See the following.

online stream miami dolphins

Miami Dolphins Game Schedule

Up to now, Miami Dolphins have gone through the games below with scores:

  • Aug. 14 Dolphins vs. Bears (13:20)
  • Aug. 21 Falcons vs. Dolphins (17:37)
  • Aug. 29 Dolphins vs. Bengals (29:26)
  • Sep. 12 Dolphins vs. Patriots (17:16)
  • Sep. 19 Bills vs. Dolphins (35:0)
  • Sep. 26 Dolphins vs. Raiders (28:31)
  • Oct. 3 Colts vs. Dolphins (27:17)
  • Oct. 10 Dolphins vs. Buccaneers (17:45)

When it comes to the rest of the Miami Dolphins games, they are scheduled as below:

  • Oct. 17 Dolphins vs. Jaguars 6:30 AM
  • Oct. 24 Falcons vs. Dolphins 10:00 AM
  • Oct. 31 Dolphins vs. Bills 10:00 AM
  • Nov. 7 Texans vs. Dolphins 10:00 AM
  • Nov. 11 Ravens vs. Dolphins 5:20 PM
  • Nov. 21 Dolphins vs. Jets 10:00 AM
  • Nov.28 Panthers vs. Dolphins 10:00 AM
  • Dec. 5 Giants vs. Dolphins 10:00 AM
  • Dec. 19 Jets vs. Dolphins TBD
  • Dec. 27 Dolphins vs. Saints 5:15 PM
  • Jan. 2 Dolphins vs. Titans 10:00 AM
  • Jan. 9 Patriots vs. Dolphins 10:00 AM

Note: All times are Pacific Time.

To follow complete Miami Dolphins games, the dates above should be added to your personal calendar.

Where to Live Stream Miami Dolphins Online

Dolphins fans are allowed to live stream Dolphins games through multiple channels, including cables, TVs, mobile streaming, and even online or radio listening. Any method can be picked up based on your favors and convenience.

Live Stream Miami Dolphins via Cables and TVs

The following TV services are available with Miami Dolphins games.

Live Stream Miami Dolphins via Online Streaming Services

Cables and TVs aren’t that convenient to use as mobile streaming services that are available on smartphones, tablets, and computers. As a result, online streaming services allow Miami Dolphins fans to stream games anywhere and anytime as long as their mobile devices have access to the Internet. Typically, nearly all the above TV service providers have online streaming services via the Internet. The streaming services can be used to live stream Miami Dolphins games.

Live Stream Miami Dolphins via Online Listening

Some people would like to online stream Miami Dolphins games through the radio, which is especially true when the fans are inconvenient to watch but listen. The services below provide online local calls for each Miami Dolphins game.

How to Live Stream Miami Dolphins Online Outside the US

Many areas outside of the United States do not support live NFL game broadcasts. If you are overseas but still want to keep up with the exciting Miami Dolphins games, you can download a VPN to your electronic device. It will build an end-to-end encrypted tunnel and mask your IP address in the transmission of the information over the internet. With that, you can easily browse more internet content, including any popular videos and games.


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