How to Choose the Best VPN for Online Gaming

In a world increasingly overrun by online cyber threats, the importance of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services can never be understated. A VPN plays a crucial role in protecting your online privacy and preventing your online activity from being monitored. It also keeps your data safe and secure from theft or manipulation by third parties.

While that’s all well and good for your average user, can VPNs be helpful for videogamers? And which is the best VPN?

You can’t deny that gaming is life for professional gamers. Even for amateurs it’s a priority that tops their weekend agendas. And failing to connect online to a lobby, being stuck with lag-inducing low speeds, or facing area restrictions on certain games can ruin the experience. It’s a good thing, then, that the top VPNs can also help gamers, letting you enjoy your online gaming in a more secure and faster way.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Online Gaming

Why Do Gamers Need to Use a VPN?

Online Gaming Leads to Security Risks.

As more people rush into the online gaming world to become gamers and more individuals, devices, and networks are connected, it’s unsurprising to see security issues arise. Nevertheless, people rarely think of hacking and hackers when they think of online gaming. But unfortunately, gamers’ private information gets exposed to hackers all the time through their gaming activity. Therefore, it’s essential for gamers to ensure the connection you get is extremely secure as you play online games. A VPN lets you play video games anonymously by masking your IP address in order to protect your online privacy and security – so you can shoot zombies without someone snapping up your data.

Some Games Suffer from Geographical Restrictions.

Geo restrictions not only occur with social media (Facebook in China, for example) and video streaming services (we’re looking at you, Netflix), they take place in the gaming world as well. Video game developers must conform to geo restrictions on their newly released games. That means some games can only be downloaded or played in particular areas. And that’s annoying. However, a VPN can help you break geo restrictions and you can choose a server whose location is in the list of gaming releases. If you’re stuck at work or university, you can also sneak through the firewalls established by your campus or company to enjoy your online gaming while the boss isn’t looking.

DDoS Attacks.

A DDoS attack is a distributed denial-of-service attack that happens as multiple systems overload the bandwidth of a web server with traffic. This type of attack form is super common in online gaming. It’s even starting to happen in competitive games – and there’s no way you’ll take down your rivals if they use DDoS. But the top VPNs can combat DDoS attacks.

How Does a VPN Help Gamers?

#1: Breaking Geo Restrictions

Your country may have restrictions on particular video games. Don’t be upset. A VPN allows you to bypass area restrictions to play any game freely. As a result, you’re allowed to have early access to newly released online games by selecting a VPN server in a country where it is released officially. So you’ll have much more time than your friends to test and practice the new game.

#2: Protecting Your Online Privacy and Security

A VPN hides your IP address so that you can stop your internet service provider (ISP) or the government from monitoring your online activities. As a result, all your clicks on your devices during online gaming will not be tracked by hackers, and the VPN will prevent them from knowing your real identity. Your personal information won’t be leaked or illegally used. Therefore, a VPN eliminates the security risk when you play online gaming on your PC or mobile devices and keeps you safe.

#3: Cutting Down Online Delays

Low-delay and a stable connection are core requirements for online gaming. Nothing can call a sudden end to a sweaty game like lag from a patchy hookup. A VPN allows you to choose a server, playing a role as a gaming server, so each of your movements are lag-less and instantaneous.

#4: Defeating DDoS Attacks

DDoS is all too familiar for competitive gamers. It will attack your IP address to slow down your connection and cause serious delays. And that’s a quick way to lose a game. Apart from buggy gaming, DDoS attacks also bring forward severe security risks such as your personal information being leaked. A gaming VPN provides a private tunnel with encryption to dramatically improve your connection security.

#5: Enlarging Gaming Range

In some online games, you can only get connected to the players from your local area. Although this doesn’t compromise your online security, it leaves a limited pool of players available and could reduce competition, making it more difficult for you to search for other games or players. A gaming VPN allows you to change your IP address so you can receive more challenge from other areas and hook up with that mate of yours playing halfway around the world.

#6: Stopping ISP Throttling

ISP usually limits internet traffic if it detects high data usage. You won’t find that in your contract with them – but it’s an unwritten rule. However, it disappoints all gamers because online gaming needs huge amounts of data. The limitations on your IP address may lead to slower connection and longer loading. And in the end, your games will suck and you’ll waste money paying for that deluxe internet package when you don’t need to. A gaming VPN can help you change and hide your real IP address. It means your ISP fails to monitor your data change and throttling won’t take place.

Choosing the Best VPN for Gaming

High Speed

High speed plays a necessary role in your online gaming because lots of data needs to be transmitted between your device and gaming server. Therefore, high speed is the first requirement the best VPN for gaming must meet. When it comes to VPN connection speed, bandwidth and Mbps speed should be considered. A good suggestion is to choose a gaming VPN whose connection speed is similar with that of your ISP.

High Compatibility

Gamers should select a VPN that is compatible with all the devices and platforms. The best gaming VPN should be compatible with mobile devices, PC and console. SkyVPN is most compatible with all different devices ranging from cell phones, PCs, tablets and numerous game such as PUBG, FBR, LOL, etc.

No Data Limit

It’s best to use a VPN without a data limit for online gaming, and this is especially true when you play multiplayer games online. The more players are involved, the more data is needed. SkyVPN features unlimited bandwidth and no throttling to guarantee high-speed connection for gamers online.

Security and Privacy Protection

Essentially, online security and privacy protection is the root reason for you to use VPN for gaming. To further strengthen user’s security and privacy, SkyVPN conforms to a no-logging principle so that users’ online activities won’t be logged. For gamers, based on the no-logging rule, they can play any online games without exposing their activities.

Large VPN Server Count

The number of VPN servers is directly associated with VPN service quality. Gamers should select a VPN provider locating a great number of servers at different places around the world. For example, SkyVPN has located more than 3,000 servers around the world and the number is still going up. The increasing server eliminates slow connection speeds or server overloading.

For video gamers, compared with a high VPN server count, they would rather like a VPN server specialized for games. That’s what they really really want.

Even though all VPN service providers claim how many VPN servers they distribute around the world, a specialized game server is perfect for them if they just use a VPN for online gaming. A gaming-specific server integrates all necessary requirements compatible with online gaming so that you don’t need to switch your VPN servers from one to another. Apart from a server for Games, SkyVPN also has a server specialized for PUBG that tops the list of the most popular video games.

Multiple Configuration Options

It’s convenient for online gamers to have a VPN with multiple configuration options. SkyVPN has a ton, but if you want, it can also automatically configure to reach secure and fast connections. It is compatible with the requirement of many different devices, including phone, PCs or tablets and different operating systems, like iOS, Android and Windows.

Low Ping Rates

A VPN with low ping rates is a must-have tool for professional gamers. High ping rates lead to low connection speed and more delays during online gaming. Generally speaking, the lower the ping rates are, the better the gaming experience will be. SkyVPN has an extremely short ping time, which makes it the best VPN for gamers.


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